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As Jyotish - Vedic Astrology

Your Jyotish Year 2015 -16 as per your Moon Sign

From July 13, 2015 to August 11, 2016


Jupiter will enter Leo zodiac sign on 11th July 2015 and will remain there till 11th August 2016. Let's take a look on the effects of this Jupiter on each sign. This interpretation is as per Jyotish - Vedic Astrology, that's your Moon Sign.

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Aries - Mesha Rashi


Mesha Rashi


(March 21 April 20)


Jupiter passing through 5th house brings opportunity to speculate, invest, or otherwise increase income through enterprise. It brings some pleasure and increased awareness. Your self expression grows as it has never before. Courageous and expressive to others without selfishness and egotism.. Relations with others will be greatly improved. The transit by itself is not usually enough to bring about a sexual relationship, but helps the one started become true. Pride from children and their development. Your creative potential is increased. Gain of money. Love relations will expand. Personal growth and wisdom will increase along with greater freedom of self expression. Do not be overbearing, but people will respond well to your self assurance and self expression. On the whole, you may be blessed with a child, overall success, happiness, friendship with good persons, royal favor and an overall good period. Defeat of enemies, increased property, aquisition of knowledge and favor from superiors.

Taurus - Vrishabha Rashi


Vrishabha Rashi


(April 21 May 22)


Jupiter passing through 4th house is good for domestic affairs and home life. Awaited settlement matters will be settled. A good transit for peace and security. Your home, family, personal life, property and vehicles will greatly improve during this transit. You may acquire property or make additions or alterations in your house. An investment in real estate will be rewarding. Mutual generous support among family. Relationship with parents will be cordial and you may gain through them. This transit is best for making family life, home and personal life more secure and comfortable. Increase in confidence. You will be able to handle your affairs more wisely for a better future. If you handle this transit properly, you will not feel alone. Otherwise one will experience sorrows through relations, loss of money, fear, suffering of humiliations, false implications, domestic unhappiness, and accidents during traveling.


Gemini - Mithuna Rashi


Mithuna Rashi


(May 22 June 23)


Jupiter passing through the 3rd house improves the mind, gives favorable journeys and cordial relations with friends and neighbors. Good for writing and communications, literary work and higher learning. Good time to network with others. Favorable travels are indicated. Cordial and gainful relations with brothers, sisters and other relatives are indicated. Clear understanding, broad views, generosity and tolerance will be some effects on your personality. Do not be influenced by prejudices. Watch out for overspending and also be careful not to impose yourself on others. Be balanced; don't over commit to to things which you will not be able to follow through on lest you lose your position. There may be separation from loved ones as well as obstacles in business or profession and ill health. Financial loss and change of residence are possible.




Cancer - Karaka Rashi


Karaka Rashi


(June 23 July 23)


Jupiter passing through the 2nd house is associated with partnership such as marriage, legal or otherwise, business, existing relationships, law suits in partnership. During this transit you may form new relationships for various purposes. Examine your relationship with your spouse for better cooperation. You must be effective for your partner as he or she is for you. Unsuccessful efforts and troubles are indicated. Do not take action alone; work with a partner or consult with an expert in that specific field. Do not enter into direct conflict during this month. Avoid wearisome traveling. Take precautions against stomach and anal diseases, indigestion, painful urination etc. You may suffer humiliation, loss of money, quarrels with wife, anxiety and depression of mind. Health of wife and children may be afflicted.



Leo - Simha Rashi


Simha Rashi


(July 23 August 23)


Jupiter passing through 1st house A time of good health, renewed vigor, increased vitality, much cheerfulness, hope and joy. It often brings advancement, and opportunities to make the most of personal abilities. This is the beginning of a major cycle of growth in your life. You will feel more secure about yourself, but do not exaggerate your importance. A good time for learning and gaining new experience. Be mature and non-prejudiced. There may be heavy expenditure, an unfavorable journey and an increase in opponents. You will get help from others. Your relationships will be mutually beneficial during this period. Spiritual advancement is indicated, and this is a fortunate year in personal terms. Self confidence will pave the way of progress during the year. A likely time for marriage if you are unmarried.




Virgo - Kanya Rashi


Kanya Rashi


(August 23 September 23):


Jupiter passing through 12th house brings indirect success through opponents and enemies. Good for overcoming bad or unfavorable conditions. Good for occultism, romance, secret adventures and unpopular enterprises. The benefits from this transit will not be obvious. Good for learning, spiritual and religious pursuits. May spend arrogantly, with a tendency to cheat others. In case of a malefic Jupiter, you will have fear, mental anguish, grief and fear caused through property, litigation, difficult journeys, separation from family, imprisonment, anxiety, increased expenditure and afflicted health.











Libra - Tula Rashi


Tula Rashi


(September 23 October 23)


Jupiter passing through 11th house is good for friendships, gain from elder brothers, favors and unions. Peaceful and happy state of mind and some internal spiritual realizations. You may be blessed with a child, acquire new position, honor, gain of money, domestic happiness and good health. Gain of luxury items, pleasures, promotion, respect and prosperity. It is favorable for marriage prospects. Fulfillment of hopes, help and benefits from friends and elders, brothers etc. Do not try to work alone; group working will be beneficial. You will have new acquaintances and a broad outlook but avoid a selfish attitude. Success all around.









Scorpio - Vrishchika Rashi


Vrishchika Rashi


(October 24 November 22)


Jupiter passing through 10th house is good for honor and reputation. Fame and rise in profession is indicated, as are credit and good fortune. Your profession, career and social status is indicated by this house. Any reasonable efforts with several cautions will lead you toward considerable progress. Avoid a dominating, overbearing and arrogant attitude and inflated ego which indicates trouble with superiors, loss of respect, humiliation, danger to property, profession, position and children. Death of son or friend, domestic quarrels and changes of place etc. Think calmly and avoid it. Avoid resentment to others. One will have reward or recognition for his work, you can expect promotion and better avenues in public service or Government work. You may travel and have change in profession.



Sagittarius - Dhanu Rashi


Dhanu Rashi


(November 23 December 22)


Jupiter passing through 9th house is favorable for clear thinking and aspirations, intuition and philosophical thoughts. Good for all foreign affairs, and benefits coming from abroad. Long travel or sea voyages. The transit of Jupiter here indicates prosperity, enhanced prestige, respect from others, happiness, pleasure and happiness at home, increased income and land or houses etc. Pilgrimage and good spiritual advancement. Troubles through children. A good position of Jupiter for expansion. You may have opportunity for extensive and long travels, interest in studies of profound subjects, philosophy, metaphysics, religion etc. Gain through religion, correspondence, foreign travel or you will be involved in business, contract, or such like . More religious and of awakened mind.



Capricorn - Makara Rashi


Makara Rashi


(December 22 January 21)


Jupiter passing through 8th house brings legacies and gain through partners and coworkers. It is good for all occult or psychic investigations and favors dreams, psychic or the subconscious side of your nature. To the dying, it brings a peaceful death and to others, religious experiences. This house indicates inheritance. Every 12th year Jupiter will transit this house and you will benefit from other's resources. Good period for joint ventures and resources such as business, partnership etc. A good time for requesting loan from bank or friends etc. Fortunate changes in your life. Experiences of occult, religious and spiritual upliftments. In case Jupiter is malefic, native will have fatigue by wearisome traveling, adversity, physical and mental troubles. Loss of money, and there may be accidents during journey.










Aquarius - Kumbha Rashi


Kumbha Rashi


(January 20 February 19)


Jupiter passing through 7th house is good for marriage, partnerships, and unions of all kinds. It binds persons together causing unity and satisfactory ties. Favorable for lawsuits, favorable for marriage, partnerships and contracts during this transit. Gain through others. You need assistance which will be executed by others. A good transit period for assistance from lawyers, doctors and other consultants. Civil suits will be in your favor. Do not try to get more than your due or over-estimate what you are to get. This can lead you into trouble. A close relationship with a foreigner or partnership with opposite sex will be to your advantage. If you marry during this transit, the partner will be older than you. Overall, one will travel on an auspicious undertaking, will be happy with wife and blessed with children, respect and happiness. Domestic happiness.








Pisces - Meena Rashi


Meena Rashi


(February 20 March 21)


Jupiter passing through 6th house benefits health and is good for work and industry, bringing gain or success, through inferiors, agents, employees and servants etc. It too is a favorable period for all ceremonies, forms of respect and accepted customs. Good relations with aunts, uncles and distant relations. A good transit for any kind of work and fulfilling duties that contribute to your personal growth. This transit indicates good health, personal growth, responsibility and service. Progress in the above direction is indicated. Enjoyment and fulfillment of desires, improvement in service or job or new job with better opportunities is indicated. Favor from superiors and subordinates, which will put you in good position. Excellent period for health, vigor and vitality. Recovery from illness will be speedy, take care of your diet. Avoid any kind of over indulgence. In case of malefic Jupiter, you will experience troubles from enemies, cousins, sickness and distress. Domestic unhappiness, quarrels, loss of money and increased expenditure. Fruitless undertakings, anxiety and disputes with relatives.

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