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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire


.Rahu Ring

The Ultimate

Vedic Jewelry for Kali Yuga

Bhagwan Sri Rahu Dev

Authoritative Vedic Astrological text "Graha- Gochar-Jyotish" explains many planetary gems ring for various purposes. The Rahu Ring is highly honored and praised, it's main function mentioned therein is to remove poverty from one's life completely.

Wearing Rahu Ring one to attain all Earthly and Heavenly desires and exhaust the laws of karmic retribution, so that the soul can swiftly moves towards the highest Super-consciousness of the Supreme Godhead!

Wearing Rahu Ring one attains the five fruits of life - Dhyana (meditation), Dharma (righteous living), Artha (financial prosperity), Kama (pleasure of the body or senses) and Moksha (salvation or final emancipation) the ultimate release from the cycle of birth and death!

Vedic scriptures sings the praises of Rahu Ring, as the ultimate jewelry for this era of Kali yuga!

Rahu Ring have been tried and tested to bring desired results in a very short space of time!

Rahu Ring


Sample Gents Rahu RingSample Ladies Rahu Ring

Gents Rahu Ring

Ladies Rahu Ring

Not Actual Ring (Design) or Gem.


Graphic used for  informational purpose only


Design, Gem Shape and Size will vary.


Gomedh (in Sanskrit) or Hessonite garnet  is the Jyotish - Vedic Astrology gem related to Rahu (Moon's ascending node), which is mainly an elemental and instinctual entity. What or who is Rahu (click here)?

Hessonite Garnet/Gomedh or Rahu Ring is the only gem/ring highly praised in Vedic scriptures as the most auspicious gem/ring in this age of Kali Yuga (present era).

Rahu Ring is auspicious for anyone and everyone, irrespective of where Rahu is situated in one's birth chart. Anyone can wear Rahu Ring without any doubt!

Rahu Ring is worn to achieve worldly recognitions and desires together with sense gratification. Wearing of Hessonite Garnet ring, infused with relevant Vedic Mantras is known to bring success, wealth and notoriety in society, increase life span and good fortune.

Rahu Ring is worn to enable one to exhaust the wheel of karmic desires or retribution so at the end of life there is no desires anymore. By achieving this the soul swiftly heads towards higher spiritual worlds! Rahu Ring blossoms renunciation qualities in the soul to attains higher heights in super-consciousness with the Supreme Godhead!

Other aspect of Rahu Gem is to overcome hedonistic tendencies, obsessive and convulsive influences, Inertia, dullness, grossness, if one is experiencing delays in or denial of matrimony and progeny, insensitivity and ignorance. This Rahu Ring also brings success in these areas of life.

Having problems in married life?

Wearing Rahu Ring brings harmony in one's married life. It smoothen out differences between couples and kindle love, harmony and peace in their domestic life. It is suggested that both partners should wear the Rahu Ring. So the energy of Rahu is with both partners and not with only one of them. 

Rahu Ring is useful to those who want to get success in law practice, court affairs, government service, various computer and computer software related jobs, political spheres, travel agents, psychologist, psychiatry, success in prayers or rituals (Vedic, Hindu or any religious ceremonies) and to achieve the ability to win at gambling.

Enemies can't stand longer before the wearer of Rahu Ring. It also removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth. Rahu Ring elevate one to position of great wealth and power and confer public influence over the masses. Black Magic cannot affect one who wears this ring.

Rahu Ring brings all that you desire in life!

Rahu Ring improves or is the harbinger of success in love affairs, good and pious thoughts/deeds, over coming fear complex, satisfaction in sexual matters, improves cohabitation with the opposite gender if one is not married and is living in common law relationship, brings sweet speech, gives one to perform pilgrimage, one over comes the denial of progeny (infertility) otherwise one adopts, brings success over the delays in matrimony, improves defective eyesight, stops any amputation of body part, removes ones from secluded life, does not allow insanity to take place, one is not wounded by accidents and snake bites, fire injury,

Wearing Rahu Ring one does not get delays in one's undertakings, over come any and all impediments, remove obstacles, brings favor of superiors and government agencies, bring the capabilities of renunciation or non-attachments, one is not slow in working, one does not change of residence too often, one is able to lead an independent life, over come ill health, does not have wicked temperament, no worries due to children, brings financial gain, avoid dual marriages (two or more marriages at the same time or separately), overcomes suspicious nature and mind, brings more jewelry to the wearer and overcome stammering.

Rahu Ring - It is an insurance cover against poverty - for Life!

Rahu Ring is said to bring healing to various ailments or deficiencies, for example: Cancer, fears, various skin problems, phobias, un-diagnosable illnesses, poisons, hiccoughs, slowness of action, clumsiness, palpitation of heart, intestinal troubles and diseases, insanity, leprosy, ulcer, general debility, boils, varicose veins, spleen, gout, sharp acute pains and palpitation of heart.

It is also good for those suffering from allergies, skin disorders, piles, epilepsy, infection of eyes, cold, fatigue, insomnia, BP, heart ailments and infection in the upper part of body.

Which finger to wear Rahu Ring?

Preparation of the Rahu Ring

Over the period of 30 years plus, we have recommended hundreds and thousands of clients to wear Rahu Ring which benefited them accordingly and improved their lifestyle!

Wearing of Rahu Ring on different fingers bring different results, e.g.:

THUMB: Improves sex life and health;

INDEX finger: One achieves all ambitions of life;

MIDDLE finger: brings stability in life and success in achieving financial goals, one acquires property (immoveable and moveable).

RING finger (right hand): Improves marital relationship; however, both partners must wear Rahu Ring;

RING finger (left hand): If one is having problems in getting married or they have Rahu Dosham in their birth chart, wearing Rahu Ring left hand ring finger, some clients got proposed within 31 days; some clients got married between six months to one year.

PINKY finger: one acquires mastery over one's ability to communicate with others. In other words, communication skills are sharpened. One becomes an eloquent speaker.

In all we will say, wearing of Rahu Ring bestow not only the above results but many other variety of results which are only experienced by the wearer. Every experience is unique and wonderful!

Click here to view testimonials received from clients all over the world at www.VedicStore.com, (observe "Recent Testimonials" on the right side of your screen).

In bulk, all Rahu Rings are infused with 18,000 Vedic Mantras and Tarpan with perfumes and Ganges water, on auspicious Lagna and Hora.

Your Rahu Ring will be personalized to you with your name and astrological configuration as per your date, time (if known, not necessary though) and place of birth, using Jyotish - Vedic Astrology.

Your spouse's name will be used where necessary.

Mantra used: Rahu Gayatri

Om Sookdantaya vidmahe, Ugraroopaya dhimahi, tanno Rahu Prachodayat.

The Rahu Kavacha (armor), click here to view Rahu Kavacha.

Listen to Rahu Ramamanohari Raga, click here. Raga: Rama manohari Tala: Adi.

It said who listens to this Raga begets the blessings of Sri Rahu Bhagwan.

All Rahu Ring are made in Sterling Silver. We use high quality gems. The weight of the gem vary from minimum 3 carats (~5 Ratti) to maximum 5 carat (~9 Ratti) depending on the size of the ring, the bigger the ring, the bigger the gem in proportion. These figures are approximate.

This is a highly personalized item, it takes 3 to 4 working days to prepare and ship this item.

Insured Worldwide Traceable Shipping.

When ordering, please send us an email with the following info: Your full name, date, time (if known, not necessary otherwise) and city of birth.


Gem: Weight Fact

What is the difference between "Ratti" and "Grams"?

Click here to find out.




Ring Measurement...

How to measure your ring size accurately at home?

Click here to detailed info!


Pay Using Credit Card or PayPal


Please mention your exact size by email.


We have no replacement policy for wrong size given.


Price: US$ 199.95

Item # RR45


Metal: Sterling Silver


Ring sizes 4 to 5

including half sizes


Please mention your exact ring size by email. We have no replacement policy for wrong size given.


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Price: US$ 299.95

Item # RR67


Metal: Sterling Silver


Ring sizes 6 to 7

including half sizes


Please mention your exact ring size by email. We have no replacement policy for wrong size given.


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Price: US$ 399.95

Item # RR89


Metal: Sterling Silver


Ring sizes 8 to 9

including half sizes


Please mention your exact ring size by email. We have no replacement policy for wrong size given.


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Price: US$ 499.95

Item # RR1015


Metal: Sterling Silver


Ring sizes 10 to 15

including half sizes


Please mention your exact ring size by email. We have no replacement policy for wrong size given.


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We ship within one to two working days after order is received. Within USA: Parcels reaches destination within 1 to 5 working days. Overseas: Parcels reaches destination within 5 to 10 working days. Not responsible for delays at Customs and other unforeseeable events.



Usage Warnings

The statements regarding this alternative therapy product have not been evaluated or verified by the Food and Drug Administration. This alternative health product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this page and web site is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your health situation. Thank you for your kind understanding.



Replacement Policy


We do not have replacement policy for any reason:










Not responsible for fallen out or lost gems.


Please treat your gem(s) with care and it will take care of you.


Untreated gems are very brittle and can break or crack if they hit a hard surface, so take care of your investment.


Thank you.


A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

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Disclaimer: VedicStore.com provides astrological predictions based on the astrological principles that interpret the impact of various planets on human beings and their affairs. The predictions are to be treated purely as interpretation of astrological configurations. Interpretations made by VedicStore.com and its team of astrologers can differ from the interpretations made by any other astrologer. In no way do VedicStore.com  services constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, financial or other advice. Nor do VedicStore.com services constitute direction and/or diagnosis or treatment of any kind, be it medical, mental, spiritual, or other.


All products and service are sold subject to our disclaimer here



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