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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire


Vedic Talismans Products

Remover Negative Karma, Graha,

Sade Sati, Pitri Dosha and more...

Beej Yantra - Not actual Picture or Yantra !


Item # VTP22


Talisman to Remover Negative Karma, Graha, Sade Sati, Pitri Dosha and more...


This is a very popular and powerful Vedic Talisman, a very tiny and has two length of thread on it.


How do I use it? On a Sunday morning you tie this talisman on a pigeonís neck and carry it in an open park, savannah or field and while holding it in your hand. You concentrate on God as you perceive it to be.


Mentioning your name and the name of your father, that you are in bondage of Negative Karma (wrong actions), Graha (bad planetary effects), Sade Sati (7 1/2 years of Saturn or Shani),  Pitri Dosh (errors or sins of ancestors) so and so forth (mention everything here) and that you are flying this pigeon with this talisman around its neck to free yourself from all these negative things and live a normal life.


You can also mention that these things are affecting your health, wealth, prosperity and married life etc. and you want to be free from these miserable for the rest of your life.


Kindly note, I cannot give you a perfect wish, because I do not know your real circumstances in life. So kindly use your words very carefully.




If you are in doubt of using this talisman, please contact us via email or phone for more insight, clarification or information. We will be more than happy to inspire you further on your choice of topic.


Remember that this talisman is only to free you from negativities in life, it does not protect you from them.


If the pigeon flies away, keep the other talisman for future use. If not, then repeat the same procedure on the forth Sunday after initial use.




One Set - Contains two Talismans.


Can be used on two different occasions.


Please provide your and your father's real name

(not calling or nick name)


Dimension of Talisman: +/- 0.5 cm approximately.


After receiving numerous success stories and testimonies from clients all over the world, this Yantra was added to VedicStore.com on November 16, 2001


Packaging: A Set of TWO Yantras.






See Sample of Gayatri Yantra, click here.

Not actual Yantra.

Pay using Credit Card or PayPal



US$ 74.95

Great Value!


Please Note: To personalize this talisman / Yantra to you, please send us an email with your personal details e.g. Name in full, Mother and Father's name, date of birth, time of birth (exact if possible) and city / country of birth.


Don't forget to mention your choice of casing design!


Please Click on the icon below to send email.

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All products and service are sold subject to our disclaimer here



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