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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire


Vedic Talismans Products

Abundance at Business or Home

Beej Yantra - Not actual Picture or Yantra !


Item # VTP26


Having no abundance of money in your wallet, home or business?


This a Very Unique, Time Tested and Proven Vedic Talisman is at your rescue!


There are many ways this Yantra can be used:


1. Wrap this Yantra in your paper currency money (say $ 20.00 dollar) with the thread provided. And occasionally put some perfume on the money and thread and keep in your wallet. Your wallet will have abundance of money, in fact it will never be empty!


2. Wrap this Yantra in paper currency money (say $ 20.00 dollar), with the thread provided. Keep it in your cash register or cash box in your business or home. Money will come in abundance and stay!


3. Wrap this Yantra in paper currency money (say $ 20.00 dollar), with the thread provided. Take a jar (empty jar bottle with a lid) pour dry grains like rice, barley, red beans, chick peas, lentil etc. etc. whatever you can or have. Fill the jar up to 95% to the brim. Yantra, place it in a clean white cotton handkerchief and wrap it up.


Now, push the wrapped handkerchief (with Yantra) into the jar and close the lid tight. Place the jar on top of the cupboard in your kitchen. Place it in such a way, it can be seen but not touched. Now any day between New Moon and Full Moon open the jar and put a pinch of couple of grains of "Fenu Greek" into the jar. Close lid and place it on the top of cupboard in the kitchen.


In this way this Yantra brings abundance (known as Vriddhi in Hindi or Sanskrit, Barkat in Urdu and abundance and plenty in grains, money, peace at home or business.

Keep putting a pinch of Fenu Greek into the jar every other fortnight, especially between New Moon and Full Moon, called the waxing of the Moon. If you forget one fortnight, then do it the next waxing fortnight. Do not open the jar during the waning of the Moon.


4. Want to keep this Yantra at your workplace? Then wrap this Yantra in paper money currency and keep in a small plastic container with some dry fruits like, walnuts, cashew, almonds and raisins etc. This brings abundance not only to you but to your workplace also. You are helping others to have Vriddhi or Barkat or Abundance in their life too!


Called the Vriddhi-Karaka Yantra.


Packaging: A Set of FOUR Yantras.




Not Waterproof


Material: Paper and Sixteen auspicious inks


See Sample of Gayatri Yantra, click here.

Not actual Yantra.

Pay using Credit Card or PayPal



US$ 74.95

Great Value!


Please Note: To personalize this talisman / Yantra to you, please send us an email with your personal details e.g. Name in full, Mother and Father's name, date of birth, time of birth (exact if possible) and city / country of birth.


Don't forget to mention your choice of casing design!


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