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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

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VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire


Yantra to Improve Memory

Unique Yantra for you and yours

Maharishi Brighu


Here's a Vedic Yantra anyone can make and use to improve and retentive memory for oneself, a school or college going child or anyone in your family or just for fun!

It has shown extremely promising results over the years. I wrote this yantra on my tongue since 1989 on every Shukla Paksh Chaturdashi. we will explain the viddhi / method below.

Our Founder Swami Veet Chintan have written this for an entire class of 20-25 students of a Vedic School in Trinidad and Tobago in the year 1994/95.

This Yantra / Talisman was written on the tongue of every student, every month on day before full Moon (Purnima), with the consent of the parents. The whole class used to come to his home in Munroe Road, Cunupia, Trinidad and Tobago.

All the students of that class passed their Common Entrance Exams with flying colors. They all got good grades to go to higher studies.


What ingredients you will need:

1. Kesar (Spanish Saffron), two to five shreds. You can get this from any good Indian Stores. This is a sacred item, used in Hindu/Vedic Pujas.

2. One Plastic Spoon.

3. Ganges Water - one or two drops on the above spoon.

4. A Pen made of Chameli (Jasmine) Branch or Anar (Pomegranate), six inches in length. I have a pen since 1989 for my personal use.

5. Patience in writing.


What are the dates to write this Yantra/Talisman?


 - December 2017  - Sunday 31st, before 23:59 hours
 - January 2018  - Tuesday 30th, before 12:53 hours
 - February 2018  - Wednesday 28th before 23:27 hours
 - March 2018  - Friday 20th before 10:05 hours
 - April 2018  - Saturday 28th, before 21:07 hours
 - May 2018  - Monday 28th, before 09:10 hours
 - June 2018  - Tuesday 26th, before 22:42 hours
 - July 2018  - Thursday 26th, before 13:46 hours
 - August 2018  - Wednesday 17th, before 06:57 hours
 - September 2018  - Sunday 23rd, before 21:48 hours
 - October 2018  - Tuesday 23rd, before 13:06 hours
 - November 2018  - Wednesday 21st, before 23:59 hours
 - December 2018

 - Friday 21st, before 16:39 hours


The above timing are based on AST Time for Trinidad and Tobago.


How to use this Yantra?


Please Note: This Yantra is to be written on the tongue.

On the appointed day and time, mix the shreds of Kesar (Spanish Saffron) in a drop or two of Ganges Water in the plastic spoon.

Now take the Chameli / Anar branch pen, the draw the following Yantra / Talisman on the tongue of the child. You will need a mirror if you are doing this for yourself.


The Vedic Yantra / Talisman is:


84 91 2 8
7 3 88 87
90 85 9 1
4 6 86 89


After you have drawn this Yantra / Talisman using the Chameli / Anar Branch dipped in the mixture of Kesar (Spanish Saffron) and Ganges Water. just bless the child or meditate on your beloved Deity and Celebrate life!

Experience the blessings of this Yantra and let me have your testimonial via email to display on my website.

VedicStore.com Team, surrender this Yantra / Vedic Talisman for the betterment of everyone on this Earth. We pray that this Yantra / Vedic Talisman brings a new Intelligent, Smart and Loving Generation to come.

We pray that the now, the new and yet to come generations on this Earth bring a new breath of fresh Intelligence, Intuition and Inspiration to all on this Earth for many many eons to come!

Thank you,

Be Blessed always,

VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

VedicStore.com: A Team of Astrologers Extraordinaire

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